Repairs & Servicing.

A well serviced and maintained penguin is a safe penguin. A stove will probably be hottest and hardest working item in your home, so show it some love. Most people give their fridges more attention in a month than a penguin gets in a year…be warned..even a penguin can go off someone.

Chilli Parts

Please contact your local stockist on our Shop Finder page, or us directly for any parts that need replacing. If you know the year that your model was purchased it is helpful but not essential.

If you don’t know the name of the part, don’t worry, we can usually work it out from a description!

Penguin Service

We recommended servicing your stove at regular intervals or asking your local stockist to do this for you.

Most stove shops will offer a service out of season to include the following:

  • Replacing rope seal
  • Cleaning the stove glass
  • Re-spray your stove with high temperature stove paint to restore its original colour and conceal any scratches
  • Advise if any parts need replacing

Check your carbon monoxide detector weekly

Use our postcode search to find your local stockist.

A serviced penguin = happy penguin