Fire Brick Set for the Woody (pre Ecodesign)


2 sets of bricks are available, refer to the diagrams and measurements under “additional info” for identification

There are two possible sets of bricks for the original (pre Ecodesign) stoves depending on the year of production, refer to the “additional information” tab to identify the bricks that you require.

Set of fire bricks for the Woody. There are 5 vermiculite bricks in a Woody brick set:

  • left side
  • right side
  • rear right
  • rear left
  • throat plate

(fitting advice under: products, spare parts, on the website).

If you have an Ecodesign Woody, (only available since 2019) the bricks are available, listed under Woody Ecodesign spares, either the Woody Eco (cat) or Woody Eco (multi fuel).

If you are not sure if your Woody is Ecodesign or not, look at the handle. The original Woody, that is not Ecodesign has an external handle latch on the body of the stove. On the Ecodesign Woody the mechanism is hidden, only a slot is visible.