‘Valiant’ Moisture Meter for Firewood


Measure moisture content of your firewood (there is also a setting to test brickwork)

The display is backlit and colour coded to show suitability of wood for burning

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    Moisture meters are an essential piece of kit for getting the best out of your Chilli Penguin stove.  They are a simple and quick way to check the moisture in your logs so you know whether they are ready to give you a safe and efficient burn or need further seasoning time.

    The screen will glow green if your fuel contains less than 15% moisture, indicating that it’s ready to go.

    Amber means the wood has less than 20% moisture  and is OK to burn but would be all the better for allowing a little more drying time.

    The screen will show red if the moisture level is over 20%.  Put the wood aside to season for a few months.  Not only will it then burn more efficiently, giving more heat, but it won’t cause damage to the inside of your stove like damp wood might.



    2 AAA batteries are required & not included.
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