Fire Brick Set for all the Short 5kw Ecodesign Stoves


These bricks are for the ECODESIGN Short Penguin, Chubby 5, Hungry Penguin (Eco), Fat Penguin (Eco) and High & Mighty (Eco).

See description tab below for more details.

Set of fire bricks for all the Short 5kw Ecodesign family of stoves:-

  • Short Penguin (Ecodesign)
  • Chubby 5 (Ecodesign)
  • Hungry Penguin (Ecodesign)
  • Hungry Penguin Tall Order (Ecodesign) 
  • Fat Penguin (Ecodesign)
  • Fat Penguin Tall Order (Ecodesign)
  • High & Mighty (Ecodesign)
  • High & Mighty Tall Order (Ecodesign)

There are 7 vermiculite bricks in the standard Short Family 5kw Penguin Eco multi-fuel type stoves.

The set which includes the following:

      • left side brick
      • right side brick
      • back bricks top brick pair
      • back brick bottom brick pair
      • throat plate brick

Diagrams are available above, under “additional information”.

The bricks listed above are also available separately, please follow this link to purchase individually if required.