‘Penguin’ Stove Cleaning Cloths


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This cloth contains nothing… but penguin magic… it’s 100% cotton and not impregnated with anything, it was designed with cleaning your stove glass in mind, but can be used for anything. At the end of its life it can go onto your compost heap. Twin pack.

Instructions for use:

Dampen this cloth and wipe your glass when cold. Rinse out as often as needed. Chilli Penguin stove glass has a polished surface with silica coating, so only requires a soft cloth and water to clean it. We have designed this in a dark colour so that soot or ash won’t show up so easily and with a handy hanging loop.

Dimensions: 23.5cm x 24cm approx each

Washing instructions:

Do not use with bleach.

Wash cool and avoid tumble drying to minimise shrinkage. Use of fabric conditioner will affect absorbency.