Aluminium Oven Dish for 8kW stoves


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x1 Aluminium Oven Dish for the Eighty Ate “88” . 220mm x 400mm x 60mm (L x W x H).

These aluminium oven dishes, like the aluminium trays are robust, functional oven ware designed to maximise the amount of cooking space. They are made by a British catering cookware manufacturer, from food grade aluminium, folded and welded and anodised. They are made for function not beauty, but we think that they are attractive in their own penguin way. They look especially fine, full of food! Please note there are occasionally small scuffs caused by the manufacturing process, the first time you cook, wash and dry these you won’t even notice them.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash only. Hand wash before use in warm soapy water, avoid Brillo pads, wire brushes and caustic solutions. Like all anodised aluminium cookware, avoid acidic food.