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Fat Penguin Single Bricks


2 sets of bricks available, refer to “additional info” tab below, to identify yours. These bricks are for the original (non Ecodesign) Fat Penguin, made up until 2019.


Single fire bricks for the Fat Penguin. There are 4 vermiculite bricks in a Fat Penguin, you can purchase them individually or in a set: left sideright siderear and throat plate brick, (fitting advice under: products, spare parts, on the website).

There are three possible sets of bricks depending on the year of production, refer to the “additional info” tab to identify the bricks that you require. (You will see two sets of diagrams below, not three, because the original set of bricks (16mm thick) has been discontinued).

If your Fat Penguin has the original bricks that are 16mm thick, you will need to replace them with a full set of pre 2010 bricks.  You will also need a new throat metal plate to accommodate the brick. (When you re order it will be the pre 2010 bricks).