Order & Delivery.

BEWARE of new friends post penguin (pp) they may well be visiting the penguin, not you…
we’re just saying…
think about it..

Chilli Ordering

Visit one of our incredible stockists, to find one local to you, see our postcode shop finder on the stockists and contact page. Look, handle, use,  fall in love with a penguin. Our stockists will be able to confidently advise about selecting a suitable stove and installing it safely. They will have stoves on display for you to see. They will be able to arrange a pre installation survey from a HETAS qualified installer and prepare a quotation, enabling you to accurately plan and cost your installation.

If you have found the penguin for you (or the penguin has found you) and you need to look no further, go to the product page of your choice and click “found your penguin”. We will put you in touch with your nearest dealer to arrange a survey.

We do not sell online, if you see one for sale online be aware that it may not be a genuine penguin


Penguin Delivery

Once you confirm your order through one of our stockists, we will be able to give them an expected delivery date. Chilli penguin stoves are made to order so there will be a wait for delivery. This will vary, depending on the time of year, between 2-4 weeks. They are delivered by a pallet courier to our stockists. All the stoves are extremely heavy (approx. 100kg / 220lbs) and cannot be handled by one person.

Replacement and maintainance items can be ordered through your local stockist or directly. If ordering direct from us, when it is a heavy item or a paint aerosol there will be a courier charge. Smaller items can be sent Royal Mail at cost. If you order through a stockist they may have the item in stock or be able to add it to a larger order.

Penguin in a box