Different regulations and guidance apply to domestic (house) installations, installations on boats and other structures. There is downloadable version of our manuals below, the chilli billie manual refers to domestic and other structures.

Manuals Downloads

This page deals with domestic installations. For canal boat installations please refer to the boat safety scheme or speak to us directly for advice.

Short, Woody, 5kW Cooker series
Installation & 0perating Manual

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Stock Cube, Popty, Penguin 7, 78 series
Installation & 0perating Manual

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Chilli Billie
Installation & 0perating Manual

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Gentoo Chilli Billie
Installation & 0perating Manual

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Domestic Solid Fuel Installations

Solid fuel stoves must be fitted by a HETAS registered engineer OR inspected by a Building Control officer from your local council. Qualified HETAs installers can certify their own installations. If you are being inspected by a building control officer, they will need to inspect the installation, usually at several stages. There is usually a charge for this service. Contact them before you begin any work.

We strongly recommend that you use qualified, experienced and recommended fitters. This is a specialist product. The majority of an installation is unseen so it is very hard to know if there have been errors or omission until there is problem.

Chilli Penguin has its own survey and installation team attached to our showroom in Pwllheli. If you live in the area local to us do get in touch:

If you intend to use an existing chimney you must get it checked for soundness and blockages. It is very common in older chimneys for the bricks dividing connecting flue passages to be breached. If this is not rectified or a liner not installed then poisonous flue gases can pass through and come out through a fireplace in another room.

It is now law that a carbon monoxide detector must be fitted in the room of a solid fuel appliance.

Local HETAS installer

Finding a HETAS Installer

There are two ways of having your stove installation certified

  1. Use a HETAS registered installer. They can self-certify the installation.
  2. Have your installation inspected by your local building controlinspector and they will certify the installation. To speak to a building control officer, phone the switchboard of your local council and ask for Building Control, there is usually a fee for this service. They will often need to inspect at more than one point during the process as so much of the installation is out of sight on completion.


  1. Your fireplace will be fitted with a permenant data plate stating what type of fire/installation your chimney is now safe for.
  2. You will be issued with a Hetas certificate stating that your installation complies with the required standards.
  3. You will also be advised to fit a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. Fitting a Carbon Monoxide detector is now a legal requirement.

To find a Hetas installer you will need to enter the Hetas website, click on ‘find installer’ and enter a postcode.

Hetas Registered Installer on the Llŷn Peninsula

We have two HETAS installers who cover most of the Llŷn Peninsula. They are able to offer an on site survey and advise about compliant installation options and the correctly rated appliance.

If you want to view our stoves locally we have a shop in Pwllheli, called Stof 49, see the contacts page for more details.