Stove Colours.

Our stoves are available in six colours. Please take the examples below as an indication of the colour only. You will be able to view examples of our colours in most of our stockists shops.

What’s More

The colour is a high temperature stove paint which gives a matt finish, unless you choose Seal Grey which has a metallic flake in it which give it a reflective quality or gleam.

It is a long lasting, durable, heat-resistant finish which is formulated to be heat set. The final part in the heat setting process occurs during the first few fires you have in your stove (this applies to the flue as well, if it has been colour matched).

Choice of Colour

Just like choosing any peice of furniture or appliance the choice of colour will depend on a number of factors: if you like a colour, if the colour goes with the rest of your room, how much wear it will get and how much/little time you want to spend maintaining it. The lighter the colour the more easily marks will show, the reverse for darker colours. If you plan to cook regularly on any of the cooker model stoves or use a kettle on the top plate, this should be factor in your decision. There are some images of different colour stoves below.

chilli stove colour

Penguin 88 in Seal Grey

chilli stove colour

Woody in Polar Bear Belly

chilli stove colour

Fat Penguin in Penguin Black

chilli stove colour

High & Mighty in Charred Red

chilli stove colour

Evergreen Chilli Billie in black enclosure

chilli stove colour

Woody in Storm Blue

What mood will your penguin be?