Stove Colours.

Our stoves are available in six colours. Please take the examples below as an indication of the colour only. You will be able to view examples of our colours in most of our stockists shops.

What’s More

The stove surface is painted with a high temperature stove paint which creates a matt finish. If you choose the seal grey or storm blue colours they have a metallic flake in them, which creates a slight reflective quality or gleam.

It is a long lasting, durable, heat-resistant finish which is formulated to be heat set. The final part in the heat setting process (curing) occurs during the first few fires you have in your stove.

The curing process is simple but important. We call it the goldilocks method: small fire, medium fire, hot fire. You will notice that the hotter areas of the stove cure first. As it cures you may notice a very slight change in the colour, the curing process will very slightly lighten the colours.

Some of the cooler areas, may not fully cure for a number of fires. With the lighter colours you can sometimes observe two tones of colour on the stove during the curing process. This is quite normal. This applies to the flue as well, if it has been colour matched. Detailed instructions are provided in the manual.

One of the many advantages of a painted finish is that if there are signs of wear and tear, over time, it can easily be touched up.

Choice of Colour

There are number of factors to consider when selecting the colour of your penguin. Always bear in mind how hard working a stove is, fuel going in, glorious chilli hot heat coming out. Then ash or soot when you clear it out. Consider how much wear it will get and how much or little time you want to spend maintaining it. The lighter the colour the more easily marks will show, the reverse for darker colours.

If you plan to cook regularly on any of the cooker model stoves or use a kettle on the top plate, this should be factor in your decision. The cleaning methods are dry methods only, soft brush or vacuum when cool.

We do not recommend the polar bear colour for the cooker models for this reason. We have made them, on occasion, for customers who have fallen in love with the colour and are happy with the additional maintenance. If you fall for this penguin…you have been warned!

Also consider the total look, including the flue. Often there will be a section of single walled flue leading off from the stove. The standard options from most flue manufacturers are black or stainless steel flue. Occasionally customers ask to colour match flues to stoves. It is possible, but we do not recommend this with our polar bear belly colour. There are a number of polar painted flues out there, working with no issue at all, but on the occasions there is an issue, it so disappointing and messy to rectify in situ that we have stopped recommending it.

There are some images of different coloured stoves below.

chilli stove colour

Penguin 88 in Seal Grey

chilli stove colour

Woody in Polar Bear Belly

chilli stove colour

Fat Penguin in Penguin Black

chilli stove colour

High & Mighty in Charred Red

chilli stove colour

Evergreen Chilli Billie in black enclosure

chilli stove colour

Woody in Storm Blue

What mood will your penguin be?