Upside Down Roast Veg Pie

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1 red onion
250 g cherry tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
Any other veg that you love
1 tbsp mixed pitted olives
1 tbsp olive oil
Few stems of Basil
Ready made puff pasty

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  1. 1) Oven Temp: 180 degrees Celsius. We used a ceramic casserole dish, also works in a roasting tray, in a hungry penguin. Can double up quantities if cooking in a larger dish in an 88.
  2. 2) Light the fire 45 mins/1 hour before you want to use the oven, you want it to reach the desired temp and stay there. Usually easier when the initial log has burnt down to orange embers and the second load of fuel goes in.
  3. 3) Quarter the onion, half the tomatoes, deseed and chop the peppers, place in your pan, pour over the oil, add salt and pepper, mix well and place in the oven for 40-50 mins, stirring half way through.
  4. 4) Remove from the oven, add the olives, stir, push all the veg away from the edges of the pan.
  5. 5) Rub the sides and corners of the pan with oil, then lie the sheet of pastry over the top of the veg and tuck it in all around, quickly and carefully... it is hot.
  6. 6) Return to oven until pastry looks cooked and golden brown, approx 20-30 mins.
  7. 7) Using a palette knife to loosen all the edges, turn out onto your serving dish.
  8. 8) Tear up the basil leaves and sprinkle on the top before serving.