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If you have a big space in your life and you only want to burn wood, then this version of Woody is the one for you. Slim, efficient, clean burning and innovative. The Woody Eco (Cat) is 83% efficient and has a particulate emission figure that is 75% lower than the figure required by Ecodesign standard, thanks to the catalytic converter technology.

Catalytic Converter

We are really impressed with the results achieved using catalytic converters. However they do come at a cost, a lot of wood only stoves cost less than their multi fuel equivalents, as they tend to be more simple, with less components. A catalytic convertor stove includes additional components. Each of these stoves include two (replaceable) catalytic converters. So we thought we should explain what you are paying for and why they are effective.

A catalytic converter consists of a honeycomb type structure with a large surface area which is coated with catalytic materials. As the gases pass over the surface chemical reactions occur, resulting in changes to the composition of the flue gases. In a wood stove, oxidation of the products of incomplete combustion, change the make-up of the gases, for example toxic carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gases are oxidised into less harmful carbon dioxide and water. These chemical reactions release heat energy. This is effectively a secondary combustion process, as it raises the temperature of the converter to the point where solid soot particles can be burned. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘catalytic combustors’.

Colour Options


See stove colours for more detail.

Penguin Facts

The secondary heat retaining glazing with air wash and the landscape window offer a clear, generous view of the fire. It also has the newly designed Chilli Penguin handle.

Ecodesign stoves. In order to be an Ecodesign stove, a stove must be independently verified to meet stringent emission requirements. Particulates or PMs are the most commonly recognised of these measures. The maximum limit for these is 40 mg/m3. This stove achieves 11mg/m3. All other measures are all listed in our technical details table below. Click here for further Ecodesign info.

The Prices

Woody Eco (Cat)                    £1647
Woody Eco plinth                   £268.80
Extra height legs (+50mm)  £66
Penguin Black                         standard
Supplement for colour          £82.50
All Prices shown are RRP and include Vat
Factory fitted SMOKE CONTROL kit included


PRODUCT FICHE (click to open pdf)

STOVE MANUAL (click to open pdf)

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