The slim eco stove with big world views and a captivating dual nature.

If you have a big space in your life and you want to burn both wood and solid fuel, then this multi fuel version of Woody is the one for you. This stove allows you to reduce emissions and breath cleaner air but to have the choice of the fuel that you choose. Like its eco brother it is generously proportioned, yet slim, efficient, clean burning and quietly, modestly, magnificent.

What's More

To achieve lower emissions this penguin uses a combination of three features. Secondary heat retaining glazing, so the fire box stays hotter. Re-designed combustion air nozzles diffuse the incoming oxygen, allowing for a more complete combustion. Lastly the flow of air going toward the flue is interrupted, which increases the dwell time in the fire chamber, again contributing to more complete combustion.

Colour Options


See stove colours for more detail.

Penguin Facts

The Woody Eco (Multi Fuel) is 83% efficient on wood and 87% efficient on anthracite, with similar particulate emissions, well within the 2022 Ecodesign requirements.

Like its eco brother, this stove also has secondary heat retaining glazing, with air wash and a landscape view of the fire. It also has the new Chilli Penguin handle.

The Prices

Woody Eco (Multi fuel) Β£1378 RRP including vat
Woody Eco plinth Β£240 RRP including vat

All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT
This stove now come with a factory fitted SMOKE CONTROL kit.
Penguin black is the standard colour Β£75 supplement charged for other colours


PRODUCT FICHE (click to open pdf)

STOVE MANUAL (click to open pdf)

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87% efficient,
100% irresistible