The slim stove with big world views

If you’ve got a big space in your life then Woody is the one for you, generously proportioned, incredibly efficient and quietly, modestly, magnificent. The 5 kW Woody is the most efficient stove in our range reaching a remarkable 87% efficiency on smokeless fuel and 82% on wood. Woody is also our slimmest stove and has a landscape window
offering a really generous view of the fire.

What's More

The size of the firebox allows for a longer length of log than our other 5kw stoves and makes it ideal for a shallow fireplace recess. It has the same clean burn technology and air wash system as all our stoves.

Woody, like all our stoves is multi fuel and there is a plinth and base heat shield option.

Colour Options


See stove colours for more detail.

Penguin Facts

Wood must be seasoned (left for at least one year after cutting) and dry (less than 20% moisture). Solid fuel must state that it is suitable for a closed appliance. Do not burn house coal on a stove.

The Prices

Woody Stove £1249 
Woody Plinth £220

All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT
All stoves now come with a SMOKE CONTROL kit which can be fitted
if required.
Penguin black is the standard colour £75 supplement charged for other colours


PRODUCT FICHE (click to open pdf)    STOVE MANUAL  (click to open pdf)

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87% efficient
100% fabulous