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This penguin is the Stock Cube, with side convector panels. As well as making it a convector stove, it makes it wider, with a wider top plate, so effectively a Stock Cube with a little extra muscle. It has all the qualities of the Stock Cube family; strong, simple, efficient, with a beautiful clear view of the fire. It shares the same firebox and performance as all of the stoves in the Stock Cube series. It just very gently, very subtly, very handsomely, asserts its right to take up a little more space in the world.


The Prices +

Stock Cube Convector £1,850.00
Other Stock Cube Series Stoves:
Stock Cube    £1,580.00
The Fubsy £2,150.00
Penguin Black (standard) FREE
Seal Grey/Storm Blue/Charred Red/Evergreen£110.00
Polar Bear Belly£125.00
All Prices shown are RRP and include Vat
This stove comes with a SMOKE CONTROL kit, which is factory fitted.



Whats More +

How do convector panels work?

Although often chosen for the look and large top plate which offers a wider surface for placing a kettle on, the convector panels makes these stoves particularly effective for heating large, well insulated rooms.

As hot air created by heat from the stove's bodywork expands, it becomes lighter than the air outside the stove and rises up inside the convector panels, exiting from the top of the panels. This is replaced by cooler heavier air drawn in at the bottom of the panels, which is in turn heated. The warmer, lighter air will fill the room while the colder, heavier air being drawn in at the bottom of the stove will create a continuous heat cycle, which gently moves air around the room.

Air controls
This stove is beautifully simple to control, there is one air control knob. This is both the air boost, when fully extended and finer control when eased inwards. It comes with an air control tool to help you judge the boost control, but can equally just be operated by hand. Wood burns better on a bed of ash, but when you do want to empty it, you just scoop it out from the base of the firebox.

Ecodesign stoves.
In order to be an Ecodesign stove, a stove must be independently verified to meet stringent emission requirements. Particulates or PMs are the most commonly recognised of these measures. These and other measures are shown in the tech table.

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The Tech Details +

Nominal output4.8 kW
Efficiency76.9 %
Stock Cube Convector
Width 555mmDepth 405mmHeight 583mm
Wood onlyyes
Colours availableyes
Optional Direct Air Kityes (pre-fitted)
Plinth availableno
(see the Fubsy for integral plinth option)
Approved for use in smoke control zonesyes
Log length × diameterlength 300mmdiam 100mm
Flue collar diameter127mm
Flue size requiredmin 125mm
Ecodesign measures
Particulates @ 13% O227 mg/m³
CO content @13% O20.12 %
NOx mg/m³114 mg/m³
CxHy mg /m³116 mg/m³
Top Exitstandard
Rear Exitfit blanking plate to top exit
option for rear flue can be factory fitted if selected at point of order
Distance to combustibles *+
side 300mmrear 350mmabove 500mm
Distance to combustibles with insulated flue fitted to stove top *
side 300mmrear 150mmabove 500mm
Distance to non combustibles
side 100mmrear 50mmabove 150mm
Hearth type12mm
* these are the minimum distances, be aware that there are other considerations eg. access for sweeping, height of kettle etc
+ if single wall ie. non insulated flue is used then the distance to combustibles at the rear is equal to 3 x flue diameter

The Plans +

Stove Manual PDF Download

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