Small in stature but big in personality

This fiery little 5kW penguin is designed to fit snugly into a builder’s opening but is equally comfortable and utterly sensational free standing. Simple, clean lines, contemporary stainless steel handles, clean burning and highly efficient. This is a stove you will want to come home to.

What's More

The Short Penguin, like all our domestic stoves uses the Chilli Penguin Clean Burn and Air Wash systems.

Colour Options


See stove colours for more detail.

Penguin Facts

Clean burn & air wash system
Pre-heated air is introduced via channels and jets at the back of the firebox and above the door. This ignites the volatile gases given off by the fuel, giving a very efficient burn and reducing the volume of harmful emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The cleaner burn and the cushion of air directed at the glass, called an air wash, result in a clear view of the fire.

The Prices

Short Penguin Stove £1059 
Short Penguin Plinth £220
Short Penguin Boiler £252

All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT
All stoves now come with a SMOKE CONTROL kit which can be fitted
if required.
Penguin black is the standard colour £65 supplement charged for other colours



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Simple, small,
you can’t
go wrong.