The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary

This is 8kW of warm, glowing, chilli-hot, heat. The generous clear glass window offers you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire and it has the added benefit of taking large logs. Sleek in black, delicious in red, sublime in seal grey.

What's More

The Penguin 8 has an 8kW output with a large glass window. It uses the Chilli Penguin clean burn and air wash system, giving a lovely clear view of the fire and high efficiencies. Like all our domestic stoves the Penguin 8 is very controllable.

Colour Options


See stove colours for more detail.

Penguin Facts

This is a generous stove; it has big fire box for plenty of fuel, it throws out 8kW of chilli hot heat on a cold winter’s night or a frosty Sunday morning….. and it lets you see it all happening. The generous wide screen glass gives you a wonderful big fire view. The simple styling means that the Penguin 8 works well in a fresh contemporary setting, but looks equally at home in a cosy, traditional room.

Air controls
The penguin disc on the front of the stove is an air boost disc, it is designed to balance open as the fire establishes, then swing down. It should be free swinging. The primary and secondary air control knobs can be used to achieve the burn that you want and be adjusted for the fuel type.

The Prices

Penguin 8 Stove           £1511
Penguin 8 Plinth            £268.80
Penguin 8 Boiler            £460.70
Penguin Black                standard
Supplement for colours £82.50
All Prices shown are RRP and include Vat
This stove comes with a SMOKE CONTROL kit which can be fitted when required.


PRODUCT FICHE (click to open pdf)

STOVE MANUAL (click to open pdf)

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