Stove Story +

This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner and boils your kettle for a coffee afterwards. It’s ideal for canal boats, studios and homes where you don’t want to be dependant on mains gas and electricity.

This is the original stove that began the business. The design has evolved over the years, but the fire box and oven remain almost identical. Our very first penguin will always be a bit special for us!

The Prices +

Hungry Penguin Eco Stove £2,150.00
Taller oven is available see Hungry Penguin (Tall Order)£2,405.00
Hungry Penguin Eco Plinth£400.00
Extra Height Legs£92.00
Penguin Black (standard)FREE
Seal Grey/Storm Blue/Charred Red/Evergreen£110.00
Polar Bear Belly£125.00
Factory fitted SMOKE CONTROL kit included



Whats More +

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or your fuel bill, being able to heat and cook from the same fuel load makes a lot of sense.
If you want that smug feeling of warm toes and a hot pasty, we're with you all the way! It is a different experience to cooking with flick-a-switch power... but you’re off grid and the stoves on anyway!

The Hungry Penguin is also available with an extra height oven, called the Hungry Penguin (Tall order).This increases the internal oven height to a total of 200 mm.

Penguin Facts +


All our cooker models have an oven box and top plate (oven top surface). The oven temperature can reach up to 300°C, but it will tick over comfortably between 140-180°C. You can fit a small saucepan and kettle on the top plate. The oven is 100mm high and comes with an oven bottom shelf. It will fit a small casserole dish or two small loaf pans. We have cookware designed for our stoves available in our online shop.


If you regularly use the top plate there is an optional stainless steel top plate available. This sits on top of the stove and has a U shaped cut out for the flue. Alternatively, if you plan to rear flue, you can order one with no cut out, (a flat stove top and/or stainless top without cut out should be specified at point of order)

There is also a steel corner top plate option, called a “triongl”, a perfect size for a single kettle or pan to sit on, available in our online shop.

There is a vent hole at the rear of the oven box, this allows cooking smells to escape up the flue. If you want any cooking inspiration see our recipe page.


In order to be an Ecodesign stove, a stove must be independently verified to meet stringent emission requirements. Particulates or PMs are the most commonly recognised of these measures. The maximum limit for these is 40 mg/m3. The Hungry Penguin achieves 33 mg/m3 burning wood and 12 mg/m3 burning smokeless fuel. All other measures for the Hungry Penguin are all listed in our technical details table below.  Click here for further Ecodesign info.

Colour Options +

See stove colours for more detail.

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The Tech Details +

Nominal Output4.7 kW4.8 kW
Efficiency81.2 %87 %
Hungry Penguin
Width 380mmDepth 367mmHeight 683mm
Internal Oven Dimensionn
Width 250mmDepth 220mmHeight 100mm
Colours availableyes
Optional Direct Air Kityes (factory-fitted)
Optional plinthyes (pre-order)
Approved for use in smoke control zonesyes
Log length × diameterlength 270mmdiam 100mm
Flue Collar Diameter127mm
Flue size requiredmin 125mm
Ecodesign measures
Particulates @ 13% O233 mg/m³12 mg/m³
CO content @13% O20.10 %0.06 %
NOx mg/m³135 mg/m³119 mg/m³
CxHy mg /m³96 mg/m³37mg/m³
Top Exit standard
Rear Exitfit collar to rear
option for rear flue can be factory fitted if selected at point of order
Distance to combustibles *+
side 550mmrear 350 mmabove 450mm
Distance to combustibles with insulated flue fitted to stove top *
side 550mmrear 250mmabove 450mm
Distance to non combustibles
side 100mmrear 50mmabove 150mm
Hearth type with no base heat shield/plinthconstructional
Hearth Typewith base heat shield/plinth12mm
* these are the minimum distances, be aware that there are other considerations eg. access for sweeping, height of kettle etc
+ if single wall ie. non insulated flue is used then the distance to combustibles at the rear is equal to 3 x flue diameter

The Plans +

Stove Manual PDF Download

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