Penguin Inspiration.

We are a small family run business located near the stunning coastline of the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. What inspires and excites us is beautiful, functional design. We love things that look amazing and perform brilliantly. We love fire and steel. We love the idea of stoves, objects that warm homes and lives, that can be fuelled by a renewable resource like trees.

Chilli Commitment

We are committed to UK manufacturing not only because the UK is good at it but also every order contributes to the salary of someone local to us or someone who we know. We sell through a national network of independent specialist shops who can offer specialist advice about stoves and their installation. We believe that a stove is special product and should be sold by specialists, we don’t sell our stoves on line.

Penguin Recommendation

We can get battered by the winds and we are surrounded by damp salty air. We run our stoves almost continuously in our workshop and the same stoves have been performing brilliantly for over 15 years. For us that is the best recommendation we can give you. For more information see Our Story page.

Looks amazing... performs even better